Raster to vector is a process where a raster image is 
converted to a vector file by hand-drawn curved or straight path so that no matter how large you make the image it will not break up when zoomed into or lose its quality. This process also can be automated but the result is quite different.


Generally, raster image composed of a series of pixels that’s
why when the image is zoomed in a large scale it breaks up and lose its details. But, vector files are created with a curved or straight path that’s
why it can be resized to any size without losing its quality. Here at clipping path express, every vector is hand drawn so that we can make sure every detail is captured.

Best Price guarantee:

We always offer our clients the best price depending on the image complexity. We assure you will get the most competitive price with the utmost quality which you need.

Express Delivery:

We are very committed to delivering your images on your preferred turnaround time as fast as 6 hours.


We offer to redo free of charge if you found any issue with our work.

Discount on Bulk Order:

We offer a discount on bulk images and frequent orders.


Our experienced designers make this transformation very easy. We don’t use any auto-tracing to do this work.
Auto-tracing isn’t enough to maintain the high quality to convert
a real photograph into a graphic or provide quality vector line art for engraving.
Our well-trained team of designers is very professional using latest version Adobe products.
It’s very important to us to convert every single detail of your
raster image so that you can have a high quality vector file.
We accept JPG, PNG, PDF and PDF file formats for the service of Vactor conversion. And we can provide EPS, AI, SVG, and also PDF. Our graphic designers has years of experience in raster to vector
conversion and bring to you a host of related services