Clothing and accessories in a mannequin to provide a
natural fitting look for customers to show.
In many ways, a mannequin for product photography is less expensive
and convenient than the live model.
Live models can be expensive and unreliable at times. But you don’t want to view the mannequin in your website when showcasing the products.

Best Price guarantee:

We always offer our clients the best price depending on the image complexity. We assure you will get the most competitive price with the utmost quality which you need.


Express Delivery:

We are very committed to delivering your images on your preferred turnaround time as fast as 6 hours.


We offer to redo free of charge if you found any issue with our work.

Money Back Guarantee:

We offer a full money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied with our work.

Discount on Bulk Order:

We offer a discount on bulk images and frequent orders.


We have qualified graphic designers who can work on any instruction .
you will provide for image processing.
They are experience to provide you specific idea of what we can do to that image
They also have the knowledge to understand. what method can be on the image to make it more prominent to your client.
The best example of our Neck joint/ Ghost Mannequin is neck joint of clothing item on mannequin.

Our approach for image processing techniques like,
Clipping path service,
Background removal,
Image masking,
Photograph retouching,
Neck joint/ Ghost maniquinee,
Photo enhancement,
Image shading,
Website image optimisation ,
Raster to Vector Image and
E-commerce Product Photo Editing
etc, are unique and the technologies .
we use enable us to deliver the highest levels of data quality, accuracy and fast turnaround time.